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Instructions to Authors
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In order to prepare your articles, you may use MS WORD for Windows, but you should follow closely the instructions provided bellow. Articles/Papers submitted in a technically unsuitable form will be returned for to the authors for corrections.


The deadline for submission of articles and articles/papers is Thursday,  30 December, 2015.

Article Size Limit

The maximum length of an article/paper is 6 A4 pages or up to 2500 words. Articles/papers that exceed these limits will not be accepted in the journal.

Abstract of Article/Paper

At the beginning of the article/paper, an abstract must be present summarizing and outlining the main points and issues of the article/paper. The abstract must contain at least 70 and at most 100 words. Label this part of your text with the word “Abstract”.


Headings should be capitalized and bold (i.e., nouns, verbs, and all other words except articles, prepositions, and conjunctions should be set with an initial capital) With the exception of the title, align all headings to the left.

Figures and Photographs

Please produce your figures electronically, if possible, and integrate them into your text file. The file formats that we can accept are TIFF ή .GIF ή .JPEG ή PNG.


The superscript numeral used to refer to an endnote appear in the text either directly after the word to be discussed or – in relation to a phrase or a sentence – following the punctuation sign (comma, semicolon, or period). The footnotes should appear at the bottom of the normal text area.


The list of references is headed “References”. The list should be set in small print and placed at the end of your contribution. Please do not insert a page break before the list of references if the page is not completely filled. For citations in the text please use square brackets and consecutive numbers: [1], [2], [3], …

Page Numbering and Running Heads

Your article/paper should show no printed page numbers. The volume editor will allocate page numbers. Do not set running heads.


Displayed equations or formulas are centered and set on a separate line (with an extra line or half line space above and below). Displayed expressions should be numbered for reference. The numbers should be consecutive within each section or within the contribution, with numbers enclosed in parentheses and set on the right margin. For example,

            x + y = z          (1)

Program Code

Program listings or program commands in the text are normally set in typewriter font, e.g., CMTT10 or Courier.

Author’s Brief CV & Recent Photograph

At the end of your article, following the references, state your full name, job title and your organization. You may also wish to include your contact e-mail address. Follow these with a brief statement of your academic qualifications, current professional work, special interests and expertise. Maximum size 75 words. Authors are also requested to submit a recent photograph to be included along with their brief CV.


When submitting your article/paper, please make sure you include the following:

  • The MS WORD document containing everything (i.e. the article’s text, pictures, references, brief CV, author’s photograph)
  • Any style files, templates, and special fonts you may have used

Submitting your article/paper

Please submit your article to the e-mail address: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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